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The Female Travel Collective is a travel blog that inspires, encourages and empowers women to travel, to take a leap and to live life their best way. Our mission is to empower women to be the badass, kindhearted, sensitive, beautiful and authentic people they want to be. We aim to do this by sharing travel guides and travel stories and by talking about often taboo female issues. We provide visually appealing, engaging content that fuses discussion and inspiration, discovery and exploring. We will only ever provide real content by real women that is of value to our international audience.

The Female Travel Collective is driven by these core values

Accuracy & Accountability

Just like our Travel Guides, we will always provide accurate information and are accountable for what we share.


There is a responsibility when talking about travel. We’ll always provide authentic and honest accounts not only about the joys of travel but also about the blood, sweat and tears we encounter along the way.

Feminism & Equality

We strive to give all women, poor or rich, old or young, adventurous or safety-oriented, a voice and a place to express themselves without judgement.


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