4 Reasons Why You Should Add Sintra to Your Lisbon Bucket List


4 Reasons to go to Sintra

Why you should visit Sintra while in Lisbon

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Lisbon is a must-see for every women in Europe. However, instead of taking only a long weekend off to discover Lisbon (which is probably not enough anyways), you might want to consider making it a whole week. 

Why? Well, Lisbon is not the only city in the area that is surrounded by history and beauty combined. Making a trip out to Sintra is the best decision I have made, even though I only had half a day. I picked out the places I went to, because I loved each and every one. There are various reasons why Sintra is such a perfect excuse to extent your vacation. Therefore, planning 2 days for the colorful town will give you sufficient time to explore the many sites in the area. So here are things to do and sights to see in Sintra, Portugal. 

1. It is easy to get to and easy to get around

Sintra is perfectly connected to the local transportation system. A day pass for 10 Euros will get you back and forth in Lisbon, as well as to Sintra. If you are in Lisbon for more than three days you might want to consider getting a 5 day pass for 25 Euros. Since public transportation works so well in the area, I can say that I totally used those 25 Euros. 

From Rossio in Lisbon there is a regional train taking you directly to Sintra station. It is the final destination of the line, so there is really no way you can miss it. The metro is not connected to the train station at Rossio, just walk over a little bit over the big square or simply ask someone for the directions if you have trouble finding the building. From the entrance you will have to take a couple of escalator up to the trains. You can purchase your ticket there, or use your day passes. 

The train will take about 40 min until you arrive in Sintra. There it is very easy to get around. Simply purchase a 434 hop on hop off ticket for 5,50 Euros. The 434 bus station is not the first you will see when coming out of the station. Walk a little further to find the correct bus number.

2. Palacio da Pena

The Palacio da Pena looks like it just emerged out of a Disney movie. The brightest wall colors mix with the typical tiles of the Lisbon region. It is set upon a mountain which makes the view from the palace breathtaking. The romantic style building definitely has earned its name. 

Prepare for a climb, though. The bus 434 will only take you to the entrance, you will have to climb up to the castle yourself, if you do not want to add 3 additional Euros for the shuttle to the quite expensive 10 Euro entrance fee. Unless you have a broken leg, this path is totally WALKABLE. Go by yourself a small souvenir for those three Euros. 

3. Quinta de Regaleira - Get Lost in Fairytale Gardens

The Quinta de Regaleira, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an estate close to the historical centre of Sintra and can therefore be reached by foot from there. The estate provides many sights all at once, such as another romantic palace, a chapel, and (my favorite part) a huge park with many small tunnels, towers, monuments and wells.


You can find two Initiation wells on the property, that are actually not really wells, but towers that were built underground. You can spend hours on the garden alone. It almost feels like a labyrinth where you discover something new behind every corner!

4. The Beautiful Town Itself - Just Walk Around

The upcoming pictures will speak for itself. You will find small shops for souvenirs, great cafés and parks with landscape views all over the town. Do not miss walking around Sintra by only taking the 434 back and forth.

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