What to Do in Berlin When It Rains


Things to do in Berlin on a rainy day

What to do in Berlin when it’s raining

Choosing to visit the grungy capital of Europe with tons of history and graffiti everywhere always comes with the choice to endure the rain. I hate to tell you that Germany usually is not a sunny paradise, but more than often a grey pile of concrete, especially Berlin. While the Mecca of alternativists and tolerance is the SHIT in summer with love parade vibes, hipster parks, and great food all over, it can get you close to regretting even getting out of bed in winter (or the seasons that seem like it ergo: the non-existent spring and fall). Faces of locals in the completely unreliable public transportation options varying from murder to death wishes will speak for itself. Berlin is not clean. Berlin is not pretty. And when it’s raining it is unbelievably dull. So why should you even go there, you ask? Because every Berliner will tell you that they love the city BECAUSE it is so shitty. Not getting the logic? Keep reading.  As it is way too easy to find awesome stuff to do in Berlin when the sun is out, I will give the ultimate local’s list of what to do in Berlin when it rains.

1.     Party in the not-so-touristy clubs and bars

Berlin is Europe’s Party Central! Instead of trying to get into Berghain and not making it because its Bouncers can sniff your touristy features from three kilometers away (don’t ask me how they do it), you should try some of the bar and club options that you will get into and have probably as much fun. At the doors of Sisyphos, Berghain, Watergate & Co you can easily count on standing in the rain in a line up for about 1.5 hours. Don’t wanna do that? Maybe try these locations:

-       Süss War Gestern (means: Cute is outdated)

I just recently discovered this bar/club. After about 11 pm bouncers will remove the chill sofa’s and slowly start opening up to three dancefloors. The vibe is super chill, not too crowded. This place is also perfect for people who are not the “It’s 3 am, let’s start going to the club”-kind. In Berlin parties often get really good around 5 or 6 am. People come to the “Süss War Gestern” for a pre-dance-session. You can do that or just enjoy your time until 3 am, the next morning you will be fit for sightseeing. Entry is free before 11 pm.


-       Go early to the Wilde Renate

 The Wilde Renate has a great outdoor area but is also cool inside. If you pick the right time to go (around 12 am), you won’t have to stand in line for long. The Wilde Renate has rooms that give you a home feel with its couches. There you can have some beers and talk to each other until the party picks up. Entry is around 15 Euros.

-    Switch between bar and club at the Bohnengold

 The Bohnengold will enchant you with a small club atmosphere in the basement with different styles of music and a foosball table, as well as a chill bar atmosphere on ground level. Usually, there is not a long lineup. Entry is free most of the time.


Disclaimer: A lot of Berlin’s clubs’ bouncers will ask you to show your ID. If you are under 21 they might turn you away. Clubbing in Berlin if you are younger than 21 can work…but also can be shitty. So, don’t be disappointed. Also, Berlin might be the only city in the world where you dress down to go out instead of dressing up. Sneakers, jeans, and T-Shirt will do it. The less effort you make, the higher the chances to get into a club… But you still gotta look cool. I know it’s weird. Just check out Berlin’s party people and blend in. Stay cooooool.

2.     Enjoy Berlin’s culinary variety

If you can find it in the world, Berlin has it. Every district provides restaurants that will make you want to dive into their food. Vietnamese, Spanish, Mexican, Israeli, Turkish, Arabic, American…should I go on? Therefore, giving a list of the best restaurants in one article is sheer impossible. However, giving a list of restaurants that will lighten up your mood if you don’t know what to do in Berlin when it rains… doable. Here we go:

-       Cuddle up on the pillows on the floor of Umami. At Umami’s, you will find delicious Asian fusion kitchen for killer prices. There are tables that are for sitting on the floor. On a rainy day, it does not get cozier. Maybe make a reservation at lunch and dinner time as it gets crowded

Instagram Post by me:

-       Osman’s Töchter:

If you are looking for great oriental food, but the Döner Kebab Shack just does not give enough cover form the rain, Osman’s Töchter can give you the best of both worlds.

-       Cocolo Ramen:

If you are getting cold try out the awesome Ramen Soups at Cocolo Ramen. They will warm you up from the inside, and steam you from the outside. In Winter the humidity is running down the windows. BUT so yummmmyy!

-       Get special Burgers at the Hirsch & Eber:

Here the patties are made from game and embrace the typical German game kitchen. If you want to upgrade your burger a notch, this is it! And the German traditional version of a burger goes well with that grey atmosphere outside. Guten Appetit!

-       Get breakfast at Butter:

At the Butter café, you will pay around 9 Euros for a full breakfast buffet. You might as well escape the rain for a full 2 hours and keep eating as soon as you have more room in your belly.


3.     More food: Escape to Berlin’s indoor food markets:

-       Markthalle 9: Every Thursday the Markthalle 9 transforms into a street food market. When it rains this is the perfect opportunity to try different kinds of food and drink.

-       Die Arminius-Markthalle: This option is less touristy and less crowded. Discover the different cafés and restaurants inside the market!

-       Marheinike Markthalle: Another cute market hall. Choose according to your location.


4.     Get fully wet at the Stadtbad Neukölln

You are already wet. Why not just go for a swim now? The Stadtbad Neukölln will give you nostalgic and relaxing vibes.


5.     Watch a movie at one of the many alternative cinemas in Berlin

Of course Blockbuster cinemas are all over. But if you feel like something unique, Berlin will offer a wide range of cool alternative + English options. Stocked? Click here for a complete list of alternative cinemas in Berlin.


6.     Spend all day at the Museum for German History

Berlin was built up by Prussia, lived through two world wars and the division by the wall. It does not get more interesting than this, historically speaking. The Museum for German History displays thousands of artifacts. I have not gotten through it in one day, as it is so much interesting information to take in.

7.     Check out the Mini-Golf course with black light

source: https://dockx-berlin.de/3d-schwarzlicht-minigolf/

source: https://dockx-berlin.de/3d-schwarzlicht-minigolf/

Everybody can pull of a mini-golf course. But this course is truly special. Reservations are useful if you are a group. Entry is 6,90 Euros. The winner gets your only umbrella.



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Berlin-based author of this text is Larissa, founder of the Female Travel Collective, solo travel lover and convinced feminist!  

Berlin-based author of this text is Larissa, founder of the Female Travel Collective, solo travel lover and convinced feminist!  

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