The 5 People You See on Tinder While Traveling


The 5 People You'll Swipe on Tinder When Traveling

No matter where you're from or where you're going, using Tinder in other countries is bound to yield some entertaining results. Keep scrolling for screenshots of actual messages the author (Jess) has received while on the road - and what Tinder while traveling category they fall into.

1. People Who Send Non-sensical Statements to Try to Get A Reaction

1- Titanic .jpg

 don’t know what Kristóf was hoping to achieve with this message, but probably not a lack of reply, which is what he got.

2. People Who Are Too Forward

2 - Real.png

Yo, Joan Marc, think we’re gonna have to have a bit more of a conversation before you can “see me in real.”

3. People Who Aren’t Wasting Any Time

3 - One Night.jpg

I'm also here for one night - you better give me a good reason why I should spend it with you.

4 - Multiple Orgasms.jpg

Ummm...can I pick all three?

4. People Whose Messages May Have Gotten Lost in Translation


I’m just going to go ahead and give Emanuel the benefit of the doubt that he was trying to be funny.

5. People Who Send You Messages You Just Straight-Up Don’t Understand


But I wish I did!

Is there a Tinder While Traveling category we forgot? Let us know in the comments!

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