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I received my first-ever poisonous spider bite in the middle of my 8-week solo trip through Europe. I have never been too fond of going to the doctor. I prefer to just assume that things will heal on their own! Unfortunately, with a poisonous spider bite, that isn’t the case. Here is the horror story of how I ignored my spider bite for two weeks and continued traveling as if nothing was wrong, when in reality, I was on the verge of having sepsis.

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Emergency Situations in Hostels: What To Do, Where To Go

I have stayed in hostels all over the world and for the most part have had no real issues. Your typical hostel problems consist of having annoying people in your mixed dorm, waiting for a late check-in time, or being grumpy over the bland continental breakfast. Here’s a guide on what to do if you find yourself in an emergency situation in a hostel, where you are uncomfortable or afraid, and need help.


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A Girl and Her Journal

Keeping a journal while you travel is a fantastic way to document your experiences on the road. Even if you aren’t big on journaling in the traditional sense of filling pages upon pages with words, you can still keep journals that will make great keepsakes. Here are some ideas to help you figure out what kind of journal-writing interests you the most.

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