Moving away from home: From NY to Dallas

Moving away from Home

Moving away from Home - at a 2 week notice from NY to Dallas

What it's like to move away from Home - from New York to Dallas at a 2 weeks' notice

New York City. Simply hearing the iconic name can stop you in your tracks. This city is my true love and I couldn’t imagine leaving it. Until I did.

Almost three months after graduating college, I gave my parents the two-weeks’ notice of my move. Creating a life far away from home, from my family and friends was the hardest thing I’ve had to do so far. And, honestly, somedays it’s still challenging.  

My senior year of college was filled with taking classes to complete my two degrees, while interning at media sites, freelance writing and speaking with recruiters about potential jobs. I did everything I was supposed to do and yet, the future still seemed fuzzy.

My home: New York City

My home: New York City

The week of my graduation, I woke up crying. Confusion had begun to take over. My passions had led me to major in journalism and creative writing but I couldn’t see a future. Based on others’ experiences, it could take at least a year to find a full-time job. But I didn’t have a year. I didn’t have the luxury to search for that long.

Although my love for New York will never waver, I knew the reality of the city. It’s expensive, it’s crowded and it’s competitive. I was raised with the mentality, “Keep up or be left behind.” I did my best to keep up with my peers and I had seen the toll it took on others, to stay on their toes in the fast-paced atmosphere. Instead of settling in for a yearlong search, I decided to take my chances in Dallas.  

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day!

Dallas wasn’t foreign to me when I moved there. By the time I made my decision, I had already visited a few times. Although I had only seen small parts of it, I knew it was the place I needed to be. The big and open job market attracted me and also, a man who I had thought about every single day for the past six years.

I moved 1,400 miles away from home with no job and no guarantee that our relationship was going to work or even happen. I told myself, “You have three months to build a career and a relationship. If you haven’t made it by then, you must move back.” I took on the challenge.

Hello, Dallas!

Hello, Dallas!


And I thrived. Without admitting it to myself, I had already committed to moving to Dallas, when I was still in college. While I spoke with local recruiters about writing and editing jobs in New York, I also did phone interviews with recruiters in Dallas. But being half-way across the country was a disadvantage and I missed out on great opportunities.

The summer after graduation, he saw me struggle to land an internship, let alone a full-time job. He had been with me throughout college, only a phone call away, always. He encouraged me to apply to positions I didn’t feel qualified for. He pushed me to continue studying, even after a 12-hour day at school and work. He was the first person I ever wanted to make proud, besides myself.

When I saw my opening, “Why don’t you just move here for a few months?”, I took it. I closed my laptop shut, ending my job search in New York, told my family and friends, and began packing. I had been holding a temporary job at a diner in Midtown and as soon as I was told my end date, I booked my flight to leave that same night. With two suitcases, a hopeful heart and a knot in my stomach, I landed in Dallas, on August 11, 2017. A week later I began an internship as a copywriter and a month later, I began a relationship with the man who has always supported me.

I'll always love New York City

I'll always love New York City

It’s been almost a year since my move and I have learned an immense amount – about myself, about my partner, about Texas and about being a young professional. I still long for New York every single day and I take any opportunity to go back home, even if it’s only for 24 hours. New York will always have my heart but I fell in love in Dallas.

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Selena Barrientos is a 23-year-old native New Yorker, editing and writing content in Dallas, Texas. Traveling between these two different cities allows her to enjoy beautiful skyscrapers and sweet iced tea. Follow her work  here ! 

Selena Barrientos is a 23-year-old native New Yorker, editing and writing content in Dallas, Texas. Traveling between these two different cities allows her to enjoy beautiful skyscrapers and sweet iced tea. Follow her work here

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