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50 Shades of Grey

Irish Weather and why it's actually not that bad

Breaking Irish Weather Stereotypes

Whenever I tell people I lived in Ireland for a year, I get the same question: "Isn't the weather just horrible there?" Spoiler alert: it's not! Like everywhere else, you can get lucky and have ten consecutive sunny days or four crappy days in a row when visiting.

Just like everywhere else, there are those beautiful magical days when it's hot and sunny. Those days when you'll get just a little sunburnt. Those days that just scream "Ice cream! Ice cream!". Those days, when based on everything you've heard, you won't even believe you're in Ireland. Overall, I promise, there will be less rain than you'd think or prepared for. Particularly from April to November, there might be some quick showers during the day but other than that it'll actually be quite nice and sunny!

Nonetheless, every rumour contains a grain of truth and in accordance with its reputation, Irish weather isn't always… well, that nice. Or that dry. And most importantly, that reliable.

Getting used to Irish Weather

Living there, one learns quickly to never trust what you see when looking out the window. The weather in Ireland changes faster than you'd think - one minute you're enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face, the next minute it's pouring down rain. If the morning sky is blue and clear, it can still be raining cats and dogs by lunchtime and the other way around. So always, always, always carry an umbrella/ a waterproof jacket or poncho as well as your sunglasses and sunscreen with you.

My recommendation for clothes is to layer, layer, layer. As weather changes rapidly, there's always the possibility for it to get either hot or cold unexpectedly, so the possibility to put on extra layers or take off some of them is worth pure gold. One more thing - since a lot of the time the wind comes along with the rain, umbrellas are not always effective, so bring a good waterproof jacket or rain poncho. Additionally, don't take the risk of wearing your beautiful, new, not waterproof shoes. Save those for other occasions and go for your maybe – not – that – nice – but - waterproof sneakers :)

What to do if when the Weather is actually bad

If you do draw the short straw weatherwise and arrive in Dublin when it’s raining, don’t take it as a bad sign. Take it as kinda unavoidable and do it like the Irish do: Dive aaaall in.

Have some bad-weather activities prepared. You can try the Jameson Whiskey Distillery or the Guinness Storehouse. Or entertain your inner child and for the Leprechaun Museum! If you still want to spend your time outdoors, you might try taking a short train ride to either Howth or Bray/ Greystones, you'll be surprised at how much nicer it'll be out there! The cliff walks in Howth and from Bray to Greystones are worth a visit in any case ;) .

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