A Guide on How to Safely Go to Nightclubs in Another Country

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How to safely go to Nightclubs as a Female Solo Traveler

Turn down for danger

If you're anything like me, one of your favorite parts of going to another country is checking our their nightlife. I love to see how other cultures party, how people from all over the world like to dance, what their go-to turn-up music is. However, being in a dark room with drunk people, no matter where you are in the world, can sometimes come with issues. Here are some tips to make sure you have a safe, fun night wherever you go.

1. Charge your phone

Ever been separated from your friends on a night out and had no idea how to get back to where you're staying? Whenever you go out, make sure your phone is fully charged in case you need it for directions, and make sure you have an international SIM card or an offline map downloaded. I use Google Maps's offline feature or the app Maps.Me.

2. Keep an eye on your drinks

If a dude offers to buy you a drink, go with him to the bar and watch the bartender make it. If a dude brings you a drink, ask him to have a sip in front of you first. If you go to the bathroom, bring your drink with you. If you feel a little silly doing any of these things, wouldn’t you rather feel a little silly than (insert any of the horrible things that can happen to you when someone drugs your drink)? I’ve asked dudes COUNTLESS times to drink some of the drink in front of me and they always do without a second thought. Of course, if they had a second thought, it either means that a) they did something sketchy to your drink or b) they are an asshole and don’t deserve your time anyway.

3. Use the buddy system

Don't be that friend who gets drunk and runs away. If you're going to the bathroom or outside for a cigarette, tell your friend. Don't just get drunk and disappear. Whenever possible, leave with a friend at the end of the night. Don't try to walk home by yourself without a friend if you don't know the area. Carry pepper spray with you.

4. Go with your gut

If a situation feels weird and sketchy, it probably is. Get yourself out of there. Fake an emergency call. Don't accept rides home from strangers.

Never feel bad about feeling safe or setting boundaries for yourself! If you're dancing with a rando and they try to kiss you, pull away. Don't let anyone touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. You deserve a fun night with no drama.

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