Badass Women All Over The World: Jennifer From Wandertale

Badass Women All over the World: Jennifer from Wandertales

Badass Women all over the World: Jennifer from Wandertale

Badass Women all over the World: An Interview with Jennifer from Wandertale

Jennifer is a 26-year old Dutchie who doesn't like cheese. She's a coffee-addict, a penguin lover and a former psychologist who's currently kickin' ass on a start-up journey inspired by travel. She's also a big believer in everything happening for a reason and that we’re all connected. I had the pleasure of meeting with her in Amsterdam, and I can only say, she truly is an inspiration. You might have seen her business on our Facebook Page: She's the woman behind "Wandertale": The audio - journaling app.

Your first big solo trip was Australia - why Australia and what was it like?

Yes! Oooh I did a lot of things there! I visited most of the country and enjoyed all the amazing must-go-to-spots sailboat, bus or roadtrippin’. I’ve settled down to work a bit in Noosa (Queensland) and Melbourne, celebrated an unforgettable NYE in Sydney and also ran my first triathlon.

And why Australia... Hmmm, ever since I can remember I felt like I needed to go there, to be honest, for no logical reason. I could say ‘for the kangaroos or the weather’ but that’s a bit lame and not completely the truth: it was just a very strong feeling inside. In the past, I’ve heard people talk about a country where they felt most at home and I never knew what was mine, but I did know that I didn’t specifically have that feeling with my home country, the Netherlands. However, by now I know Australia feels like coming home for me. It’s a VERY big country, which means per person, there is a lot of space (of course depending per state but you get what I mean). The country itself is beautiful, the people are very very kind to each other - strangers or not - and the vibes are overall happy, stress-free and ‘soft’. This short explanation is probably the best I can give you, but mostly it’s just the way I feel when I’m there.

Jennifer in Australia

Why would you recommend others to go to Australia? What was your favorite thing there? 

As the main reason, I would probably say, to soak in a bit of the Aussie ‘no worries’ vibe and to keep that in your system when you leave. When it comes to sightseeing, my favorite trip was definitely 3-days of sailing along the Whitsundays, starting from Airlie Beach. A bit more of a hidden gem town I would also highly recommend visiting is Yamba - the family who runs the YHA is incredibly lovely and it’s a legendary spot for surfing.

How did that trip influence you?

Jeez… how I’m I going to keep this answer short, haha! Probably needless to say, your first solo trip will change you in all kinds of way. Learning to trust yourself, discovering and exploring who you are as a person, etc. All those ‘cliches’ are very true. As I’ve lived there for a year, it was more than a vacation or long trip: I could really ‘disconnect’ from all the beliefs, expectations and social references I had back home, to connect with how I see things, the world, and life as an individual. I know this new solid foundation I gained is valuable for a lifetime!

Jennifer from Wandertales

So while still on your trip/ shortly afterward, you started “Wandertale” - what is “Wandertale” and what’s its mission?

Wandertale will be a Social App for Audio Travel Journaling. You can think of it as Instagram meets Soundcloud. You can easily record your adventures on-the-go, chatting away into your phone’s mic and then release it on your own Wandertale Channel. All your followers will then be able to listen to your adventures and they can easily combine this with their busy daily lives as they don’t need any visual attention.

I would say Wandertale’s main mission is to create a digital environment where people can connect with and inspire each other by sharing their stories from all over the world. I think using your voice by doing so brings something very pure and personal to the table, which I love. I know audio and voice are definitely going to be the future. Also, I would love for Wandertale to help travel bloggers support monetizing their content, to help them gain more freedom. Currently working on some ideas to realize this in the future!

How did you come up with the idea?

Wandertales Logo

I remember it all started in Melbourne - I had just quit a waitress job I didn’t like and I was thinking about my next moves while wandering around the city. By then, I had already started voice messaging my friends instead of writing them, as it took me waaay too much time. And then all of a sudden I got so inspired for Wandertale! There was no other way than to follow that excitement. I have a big weak spot for personal stories, I love listening to people and travel personally changed my life; with Wandertale it all seems to come together and I now have found a way to inspire people to enrich their lives, like I did for myself, by going traveling. 

What has the journey been like so far?

It’s one with highs and lows, that’s for sure! But I love the journey. As I’ve stepped into a field I didn’t know much about, it’s an ongoing learning process when it comes to business, although probably even more on a personal level. My diary finds it hard to catch up with all my new insights and life lessons learned along the way, haha! There are moments I’m a bit overwhelmed by the road ahead to a successful company, and then, of course, there are the doubts, the insecurities, and the fears, but then I remind myself: a wall is built brick by brick. And so I continue having fun in the process of creating and see where it takes me!

On the Startup Journey

Do you think you have a moral obligation as a public person and blogger? How would you define your role?

In general, whether you go public about your life or not, I think the only obligation you have is to be your own, authentic self. Personally, I wouldn’t call myself a public person. However, I do a journal about my start-up journey on my personal IG because I like to share my experiences and insights and I would love to look back at it in a few years time to remember what the journey has been like. If it inspires someone to follow their excitement about something too, that would be one of the greatest gifts.

What does Feminism mean to you? Do you consider yourself a feminist?

I agree very firmly that rights should be the same when we talk about equality of sexes and also that qualities and personality traits should be equally valued. The fact that that’s sometimes questionable can definitely upset me. Sometimes I do feel like I have to step up more than man to be taken seriously, but I try to see that as a focus of attention for personal growth as well. Because apart from society, it’s my job to see myself as equal to man too, being capable of the same successes, you know what I mean? But hey, eventually, we all know what happens if we dare to unleash our female powers, don’t we?! My friends and I call this our ‘inner Beyonce’, haha. Unstoppable!

Jennifer Traveling

What do you think about the #metoo-debate?

At its core, I think this movement represents a powerful big digital support group in which brave people dare to be vulnerable as part of processing a difficult time in their lives. You’ll always have people who use movements like this not in a pure way, which is a shame in my opinion because that distracts attention from the real important conversations.

To what extent do you believe women can travel as freely as men? What are the conditions?

Women have to be more careful when traveling alone, there is no discussion about that. However, it’s absolutely no reason not to. I think the most important thing is to follow your intuition and trust your gut: when something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to act on it. Don’t be naive and minimize risks so have maximum fun and carelessness!

Jennifer from Wandertales

What are you experiences traveling solo as a woman?

I’ve only loved it, I haven’t had any negative experiences luckily. I’m glad I choose Australia as my first solo travel destination: it’s quite a safe country and so I could grow my solo-travel-confidence muscle, haha. My most recent realization is that I like to arrive somewhere by daylight, to get a bit comfortable in the setting before it’s dark and everything always seems a bit more… well, you get what I mean!

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This interview was conducted by Viktoria, founder of the Female Travel Collective, wanderluster, photography enthusiast, outdoorswoman & theater geek!

This interview was conducted by Viktoria, founder of the Female Travel Collective, wanderluster, photography enthusiast, outdoorswoman & theater geek!