A Travel Horror Story In Greece - The Black Jeep


The Driver in the Black Jeep

A Travel Horror Story set in Greece

How our Greece trip turned into a travel horror story

taking pictures in Athens   

taking pictures in Athens


Have you ever known a friend that simply attracts trouble? And with trouble, I do not mean the funny kind that comes with sleeping with men, or gossiping around, no, rather I mean the exciting and really scary kind of trouble. I have such a friend and for some reason, I always have a story to tell when I am with her. On our trip to Athens over New Year’s Eve, we wanted to get out of town for the first days of January to see the ocean and dip our feet into the ice-cold water. The weather was chilly but compared to the conditions in Berlin a blissful change of climate. We booked a cheap Airbnb in a town that was completely forgotten during the winter, rented a car and drove along the rocky coasts surrounding the area. Our Airbnb host was very nice, a little too nice. Chatted for too long, stayed over for too long, was a little bit too helpful. Our host was the kind of guy you don’t mind, but also don’t really trust either. Little did we know that he was not the one turning our holiday into a travel horror story…

Simply wanting to dip our feet into the cold water

Simply wanting to dip our feet into the cold water

We sat down to watch the sunset

One sunny evening we were driving around the elevated coast of Greece. Stirring the wheel I would keep the rocks to our right to stay as far away as possible from the slope that touched the turquoise glittering ocean. The sun was setting and we discovered a tiny peninsula with a small church on it, next to it a strip of beach with a closed beach bar. The place seemed perfect to drink our diet cokes and to watch the sun disappear into the blue. We parked the car at a side road and followed a small path down to the beach strip. Then we spread our coats on the white sand to sit on.

The man in the black jeep was staring at us

A small family laughed to our right, playing with their son, before they went back up to the road, leaving us alone with the amazing view over the peninsula dipped into the orange sunlight. In the background we noticed a black jeep coming down from the big road, driving up to the peninsula on the small concrete path. With its tinted windows, it did not make its way into our conscience until I noticed that it had come back, front facing us, just standing there about 50 meters away. I could barely see the older man that was holding the wheel inside of it. 

"Fuck. What is happening?"

A little alerted, I mentioned to my friend that we should probably get back to our car and that we might not be welcome here. Instead of taking the concrete path up to the road, we decided to go back the way we came, a smaller path leading across a plane field. At least that way we did not have to walk past the jeep. Suddenly a dog that had been chained to the abandoned beach bar started barking viciously and converted the situation into something scary, something threatening. On the one hand, the dog was barking and pulling its chain, on the other, the jeep slowly but steadily kept following us. I had a look around and realized that we were utterly alone, no-one was going to help us here. Panic appeared on my friend’s face. „Fuck. What is happening?“, she yelled at me. I could not answer her and pointed towards a more hidden path behind the bushes that was adjacent to the back of the beach bar. I pointed in its direction and we started jogging. All of the sudden, we heard an engine roaring, tiles kicking stones away with force. The Jeep accelerated rapidly and came to a threatening stop at the end of the hidden pathway, making its way into our view. 

He wanted to make sure that he could trap us

The driver was making sure that we knew he could trap us anywhere he wanted. „Oh my God, he is crazy!“, I screamed, now more altered than ever before in my life, we started running across the plane field into the direction of the concrete path that would lead us to the bigger road, and to our car. My heart was pounding, my ears were ringing with fear when I heard the engine roaring up again. That was the moment. When I heard that he was following us with squeaking tiles, I knew that this was danger. Real. Fucking. Danger. I was not brave enough to turn around. The only thing my body commanded was to run. Primal instincts and the will to survive kicked in.  Out of nowhere, I heard a shallow sound. My friend who had been running next to me disappeared from my side. Instead of stopping right away I continued to run for two more seconds until my brain realized what had happened. She had fallen. I turned around while I saw her rolling out of the jeeps way, and crawling her way behind a bush. He had almost got her. He had almost run her over. The driver started honking angrily, pulling the breaks and hitting the gas at the same time, so the engine would roar. Was this real? This could be straight out of a horror movie.

He continued his game of hitting the gas and the breaks 

Barely being able to breathe my friend joined me in shock behind another bush while the driver continued his threatening game of gas and breaks. While my friend was yelling at me in panic what the fuck we should do know, I was trying to find out the emergency number of Greece on my phone. Suddenly, my friend took all her courage and went to the driver’s window. Surprisingly he rolled it down, we tried to understand what he was saying, but he only angrily pointed at the road. Another car came down, driving in the direction of the peninsula. It was a couple in a small red VW golf who stopped for a minute, but apparently, they did not even speak enough English to understand the word „Help“. However, at least the tension seemed to be wearing off. The man in the jeep had noticed we were not completely alone anymore,  so we started walking towards the road. Another what seemed like a hundred dogs started barking at us as we passed a small hut. An elderly man came out and greeted us in a friendly manner. He was not another threat, but a witness. The dogs suddenly became our friends - They only seemed to bark, so we could reach the main road safely.

We had no idea this would turn into a travel horror story in greece

He watched us drive away

When we got into our car and drove away, still filled with fear, the black jeep watched us drive away. For a minute we thought he was going to follow us… but he didn’t. 

That night we called the police to report the incident who did not have a care in the world. The German embassy seemed more concerned but also only told us to check back with them the next morning. In the middle of the night, we noticed someone walking on our second-floor balcony at 3 AM.  To this day we don’t know who it was, how the person got there or what he or she wanted.

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Author of this text is Larissa, founder of the Female Travel Collective, solo travel lover and convinced feminist!

Author of this text is Larissa, founder of the Female Travel Collective, solo travel lover and convinced feminist!

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