10 Best Responses to Sexist Comments (Travel Edition)


10 Comebacks to Sexist Comments

Travel Edition

10 Best Responses to Sexist Comments While Traveling

When it comes to detecting sexist comments in my all-day life I have definitely become more aware. But usually, I lack the wittiness and spontaneity to respond to sexist comments with a clever comeback that stays in the room for a couple of seconds. Of course, I would very much like to do so, especially because I am writing about feminism all. the. fucking. time...  This is why I decided to do some research. For you, my fellow ladies, I collected the best responses to sexist comments I have heard over the years in hostels on trips but some as well at home. These are 10 best responses to sexist comments while traveling. Let's hit it!

1. And your daddy pays for all of these trips?

I have been asked numerous times how I can afford to travel so much. Well, let me tell you kids, 95% of that I worked hard for at pizza stands, in clothing stores, bars, and student magazines. Please and thank you. I have never heard a man being asked that question. 

Response: "Actually no. I was successful enough to pay for it myself. Just wondering right now why YOU are not taking more trips?"

2. Where is your husband?

In Indonesia, I heard this comment about a thousand times. Setting aside that I am not even married, I started to respond that he is already at the hotel/restaurant/sight. But if you feel safe enough to give a witty comeback, you should definitely take that chance. I may not be single, but not married, and for sure do not have to explain why I am in any given situation, at any place without my non-existent husband. 

Response: "At home patiently looking after the kids."

3. When talking to your hostel mates with a glass of wine:  What's your favorite position?

Don't you love it when casual conversations get sexualized and then the guy you were just cool with hates you because you don't want to suck his dick? How outrageous of you to "friendzone him?". We've all been there. We've all had to answer such inappropriate questions. This comeback by Lauren Conrad I especially liked! DISCLAIMER: Our sexual life does not concern you.

Response: CEO.

4. Insert any blonde joke here

I just recently had to endure the wonderful habit of some men to tell the apparently funniest blond jokes of all time. Everybody at the table seemed to enjoy it, but hey, even though I am not naturally blonde and die my hair, I was not so amused. Have you ever heard of a blonde joke connected to a man? No? Probably because it is pretty sexist. So listen up every blonde joke artist out there:

Response: What's your excuse for being that stupid?

5. Why does she wear a one-piece swimsuit? Bikini's are way hotter!

I also love it when men think that women dress solely to impress the other sex. Of course, the first thing I do when putting on clothes in the morning is to ask myself if the first male living being that I see that day will think I am hot. I never worry about how I feel, if it's comfortable or if it is MY taste...

Response: Why do you even bother to wear any? I assume you have little to hide as you judge women on their swimwear. 

7. Why did you dye your hair? I prefer naturals.

Response: Because I don't give a single fuck about what anybody else prefers.

8. She looks like a slut

This is not something only men do, but also women support sexism calling each other sluts, whores, easy... If a man pursues many girls he is a hero. A woman is a slut. Once I asked a guy why they think that way and his absolutely ridiculous explanation was a metaphor how a key that can open many locks is great but a lock that can be opened by many keys... you know how it goes. 

Calling her a slut won't make someone like you get someone like her.

9. You should not travel alone as a woman

Of course, this comment derives from various structures and reasons. Firstly, relatives are concerned, not necessarily because they don't think me capable, but because they don't trust the world out there. They are scared because women are still perceived as the weaker sex, and in some countries, it is more dangerous to travel as a woman. However, why do these comments not stop when I travel to a country mostly known as completely safe for women? Putting us into a victim role and making males all over the world predators won't solve our problems. I am capable of assessing the dangers out there without the analytic help of a man. But thanks for your concern.

Response: People that care about you should not give unsubstantiated advice

10. The waiter/waitress hands the wine to my male companion to taste (in Spain)

In Spain, but also elsewhere, it is custom to let the man taste the wine before it is completely served, even though the man might not have any idea of the wine or even if he did not place the order. I love to treat myself to a glass of wine and just thought: hey that is awfully sexist. And definitely should be included in the 10 best responses to sexist comments while traveling list, because I just had to learn of this custom the hard way.

Response: I will taste the wine. (be very dry look the waiter/waitress in the eyes and patiently wait for him/her to become uncomfortable) 
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Berlin-based author of this text is Larissa, founder of the Female Travel Collective, solo travel lover and convinced feminist! 

Berlin-based author of this text is Larissa, founder of the Female Travel Collective, solo travel lover and convinced feminist! 

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