Founders: Who are we?


Larissa Bluemel


 Editor-in-Chief, Writer

Travel Style: solo or with family and friends; backpacking and individual tourist paths

Favourite Trip so far:  Cinque Terre and Indonesia

Dreaming of: Morocco, A Roadtrip through North America

Best Travel Hack: Travel with a carry on sized backpack.

You do not need more, especially in warmer countries.

Ask me about:  Food guides, getting around in unknown areas,living abroad, female "taboo" issues like sex and periods, anxiety


Heather Dornblum


Travel Style: Solo or with Friends 

Favourite Trip so far:  Naples, Italy

Dreaming of: Living in Europe again, watching the sunset by La Seine

Best Travel Hack: Be educated, be prepared, learn about places before you get there, BUT don’t inhibit yourself from the excitement of the unexpected either

Ask me about:  Solo Travel, Female experience (having depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues), also tips for travel as a plus-size woman