Viktoria Undesser

Hey everyone!

I'm Viktoria and for me, travelling is all about growing as a person. About the awesome and the excitement as well as the hard and the strenuous. The experiences you make and the lessons you learn. The different perspectives. To hear your stories and share mine.

Through my writing I hope to inspire you and to show you, that travelling is for everyone: old and young, adventorous or not. The reasons I became a part of this blog are threefold: because I love creating content, writing and travelling. Because I am passionate about equality and think it should be heard more. And For the community, because badass women sometimes need just a little nudge to dare, to take the leap and to trust their skills. I hope to be able to give them this nudge. For the world, to put love and life and good energy out there that moves, inspires and touches others. 

I'll never write a "Top 10 Things to …" post, because the "Top 10 things to …" are probably different for each and every one of us. What one person loves, the next one hates and the third goes "Meeh". And we all have the right to, we all should travel the way that makes us most comfortable (or uncomfortable if your goal is to push yourself out of your comfort zone). As long as we're being culturally, environmentally and morally responsible, go for it and experience travel the way you want to! Different people, different culture and customs, different landscapes, different food and a different outlook on life, that's what travelling will get you, whichever way you pursue it :)

I myself am a typical born and raised Austrian. No, this does not mean I wear Dirndl every day. No, i also do not live in the mountains. Yes, I do love my grandmas Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel. I've lived in Linz, Vienna, Dublin, Lima and now Groningen. I love writing (pretty obvious, isn't it ;) ) the theater, skiing, scuba diving, photography and am a bit of a bookworm. My friends will probably tell you that I am a bit crazy - as you'll regularly catch me doing adventurous things like parachute jumping or eating bugs! Oh and I love chocolate. Chocolate is life.