Staying real


Lately, the travel industry has seen a substantial increase of female solo travelers - and to that, we say, "finally!". We love to see more and more women empowering themselves while exploring our beautiful planet. Their stories roll over our Instagram and Facebook newsfeeds like a wave of people just living the dream! But while they (and we have to be honest here, us as well) receive more likes the more glamorous the picture looks, we could not help but wonder: who will talk about the dirty shit? The numerous times that you get called out for being a woman in not only countries that are lacking substantial women's rights, but literally... anywhere. Who will say something about how the retouched and unrealistic images on our newsfeeds make us feel, not living up to that standard?

Who will talk about the dirty shit?

A lot of Instagrammers and wonderful creators sometimes leave us envious of their lives. Well, sleeping in many luxurious hotels (or not even sleeping, but taking a fancy photo in one and pretending they slept there) and posting pictures without any valuable information whatsoever does not really do the trick for us. Instead of making us feel excluded by their glamorous lifestyles and displaying something that some people might never be able to achieve, we want to include. We want to hear YOUR stories. We want you to comment and engage. Just be real. Just say what is on your mind. 



A Founder's Letter to all Women:

Dear beautiful, smart, courageous and independent women, dear readers of the Female Travel Collective,

In the past years I have seen so many women rise up and say: “Hey, we want to see the world, and we want to do it by ourselves.” I find something really empowering in taking a trip by yourself, taking on that freedom and responsibility. This movement has caught up to all of the spheres of social media, and all these women speaking about their experiences made me so happy. However, a lot of these “travel solo" and “travel life” posts get attention by seducing you with amazing pictures and sparking envy in your heart. I do not think this is the right way to go. Making women in less-fortunate positions believe that their life is less worthy. This pictures usually don't even give real tips; they are just displaying one’s “luck" in life. I want to create a space where every woman feels safe to share, and where every woman feels equal to the others: a space with respect and gratitude. Real women. Real stories.

Well, this is how we thought of this Collective. Instead of using envy to generate likes, I wanted to talk to women. I wanted to have a real message. And I hope that you do, too. Together, we can use this female travel movement and transform it from something that is only really self-determined and feminist on the outside, into something that is real and addresses EVERYONE by INCLUSION not exclusion.

We will communicate. You will. I will. We will. Collectively.