Larissa Bluemel


My name is Larissa and I am 23 years old. Travel...oh for me that means freedom and having the privilege to experience the beauties of this earth. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, I live in Berlin to study communications and journalism. Traveling has always been part of my search for a home. Growing up with early death in the family I often felt restless, looking for a home in the world. This restlessness drove me to travel and live in other countries as much as I have. Soon I realized that people and memories would become my home, rather than a certain place.

 While living in Berlin here I have become more and more aware of gender studies and the way that women are still fighting for equal rights, legally and socially, all over the world; even in western countries. Especially in the way we perceive our reality, media and even history has made me think a lot about how women are still tricked into gaining lower wages for the same work, into thinking that they must be and look a certain way in order to be regarded as "real women". Therefore the Slogan "Real Women. Real Stories." refers to the idea that we are all real, that we all have a story to tell. And no, we do not need to alter our pictures with photoshop to fit the 90-60-90 ratio and we all are not perfect. Newsflash. 

Feminism in the Travel Industry

Lately, I have seen so many women rise up and say: “Hey, we want to see the world, and we want to do it by ourselves. We will empower ourselves.” Yes, I find something really empowering in taking a trip by yourself, feeling the freedom and the responsibility you take on. This movement has caught up to all of the spheres of social media and all these women speaking about their experiences made me so happy. However, a lot of these “travel solo” “travel life” posts get attention by seducing you with nice pictures and sparking envy in your heart. I do not think this is the right way to go, making women in less fortunate positions believe that their life is less worthy, not even giving real tips, just displaying one’s “luck”. Actually, (we have to be honest here) not everyone can afford to travel. I want to be clear about this from the beginning. This is a privilege! And anyone who says this is possible for ANYONE, is just ignorant. Even if you cannot travel as much - this lifestyle does not define your worth. If you are interested in the world, however, if you have this urge to get MORE, then you still have come to the right place. I want to create a space where every woman feels safe to share, where every woman feels equal to the other one: a space with respect and gratitude. Real women. Real stories.

The idea of a Female Travel Collective

Well, and this is how we came up with the Female Travel Collective. Instead of using envy to generate likes, I wanted to talk to women. Have a real message. And I hope that you do, too. Together we could use this female travel movement and transform it from something that is only really self-determined and feminist on the outside, into something that is real and addresses EVERYONE by INCLUSION not exclusion.

Check my Instagram, where I tried to combine aesthetics with real captions and insights into my life.